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Administrative Proceedings

The term administrative proceedings refers to the procedural legal regulations which are applied to decisions made by organs of state and organizations with public authorization in administrative matters. The legal team of Law Office Todorović represents clients before the state administration authorities in general administrative proceedings, as well as special administrative proceedings. As far as special administrative proceedings are concerned, we can single out the services of representation in the following proceedings:

-Expropriation, which is a legally regulated process of seizure of private property by the state if there is an established public interest, with appropriate compensation;

-Restitution, which is a restoration of ownership or legal right which has been unjustly removed in the past from a person, group of citizens or ethnic group, and can be done in its natural form or via monetary compensation;

-Before the real estate cadastre, which refers to all services relating to the legal processes and the registration of real estate into the cadastre, removal of the right of usufruct, removal of real estate lien;

The domain of administration also includes our participation as authorized representatives of the client while inspectors of the Tax Administration take taxpayers’ statements and question witnesses during tax proceedings in the process of field and office inspections.

Our services in regards to tax and administration matters include:

-filing objections to the minutes,

-filing complaints about the rulings of Tax Administrations,

-filing lawsuits to the Administrative Court.

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