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Law Office Todorović is a permanent form of professional cooperation between the law offices of father and son, Dragan and Aleksandar Todorović.

The main motive for the decision for this type of professional cooperation between father and son is the desire that the two offices, through their cooperation, offer the best combination of expertise for the different branches of law for which they specialize. Furthermore, for those branches of law in which they share a common interest the goal is to combine the decades long experience of the father and youthful energy of the son into constant professional improvement.


The primary purpose of Law Office Todorović is to provide efficient, timely and professional legal aid to interested parties in different areas of the legal sphere, in a manner which is carefully suited to each party which comes to us. At the same time, we strive to operate on a more general level: giving legal advice and opinions, participating in public debates, participating in national and international conferences and publishing academic papers, and thusly contributing to the raising of the standing of our profession.

Law Office Todorović was founded in 2001 in Kikinda and it operates on the entirety of the Republic of Serbia, independently and jointly with offices with which they have singed a memorandum of professional cooperation. During its existence, Law Office Todorović has represented the interests of many foreign clients, as well as domestic clients abroad.

Attorney at law Dragan Todorović graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Novi Sad. After graduating he started working and for 17 years fulfilled different roles within the Ministry of Interior. He was a member of multiple work groups for international and cross-border cooperation of the Ministry of Interior. As an attorney at law he has successfully represented clients at all the national court levels. Atty. Dragan Todorović primarily deals in criminal and commercial law, with a special focus on the merger of those two branches, economic criminality.

Attorney at law Aleksandar Todorović graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Novi Sad. After graduating, Aleksandar Todorović aquired a master’s degree from the same university, defending his master’s thesis under the name “ Significant Disadvantage as Admissibility Criterion Before the European Court of Human Rights”.  After finishing the master’s programme he enroled into the doctoral programme at the Faculty of Law at the Univesity of Novi Sad where he acquired his doctoral degree by defending his doctoral thesis under the name “ Principle of Subsidiarity in the Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights“. Atty. Aleksandar Todorović was a member of an expert group on European law for the Academy of the Vojvodina Bar Association, as well a member of the Commission for analysing regulations of the EU in the area of the legal profession for the Bar Association of Vojvodina.


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